About us

Founded in 2015, we aimed to become a prestigious company, acting as a bridge providing language services for foreign companies who want to study and seize opportunities at the rapid developing market of Southeast Asia.

Quality products and services are the top priorities of our business activities. We strive to perfect ourselves in each project. To us, our customers’ loyalty is the most prestigious and important merit.

Inspired by the defined mission, our team at Locexperts are dedicated to the task of breaking the language barriers, bridging communications and cultures and building solid foundations of success for our clients.

Contact us and tell us your needs and wants, then let your products satisfy your demands.


  • Localization Engineering
  • Website Localization | Website Globalization
  • Software Localization | Mobile Apps Localization
  • Game Translation | Game Localization
  • Software Testing | Software or Mobile Apps development


  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance and Banking
  • Life Sciences
  • Games
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Transportation and Logistics

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