Localization Engineering

The term is used in most Translation/Localization Companies to describe a position that really encompasses a variety of roles or responsibilities. Localization engineering is one of the most critical jobs in the Localization (L10n) industry, as it is one of the first client touch points when it comes to actual media or files. If localization engineers don’t do their job well, projects will not get off on the right foot.

What might a typical localization engineer job description look like, not that there is a typical L10n engineer job description.


1. Analysis of document, software and website localization kits including all source files for quotation

2. Analysis and preparation of document, software and website localization kits including all source files and various formats for translation project workflows

3. Research, training and reports on assigned localization tools and topics as required

3.  Participate in client calls to support project managers and sales representatives

4. Maintenance of translation memories on assigned accounts

5. Participate in trainings, webinars and demos of different technologies/applications related to localization and internationalization.

6. Creation and configuration of translation tools (CAT and MT)


  • Localization Engineering
  • Website Localization | Website Globalization
  • Software Localization | Mobile Apps Localization
  • Game Translation | Game Localization
  • Software Testing | Software or Mobile Apps development


  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance and Banking
  • Life Sciences
  • Games
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Transportation and Logistics

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